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Accurately and precisely specify and share test capacity inventory and requirements.

cnSPEC Service

  • Collect and organize every detail describing your test capacity and requirements
  • Import configuration and license information from your ATE and license servers
  • Automatically synchronize your data with your ATE, license servers, and ERP systems
  • Securely share select data with your private nexus of test ecosystem collaborators
  • View and manage your capacity and requirements from anywhere, on any device


Efficiently and accurately search and match test capacity needs and availability.

cnMATCH Service

  • Quickly match capacity and requirements to the lowest level of detail
  • Rank your match results based on various objectives
  • View the gap and/or surplus details of your match results
  • Perform advanced searching and filtering of your capacity and requirements data
  • Securely share select match results with your private nexus of test ecosystem collaborators


Optimally aggregate and plan test capacity configurations, loading, and purchases.

cnPLAN Service

  • Generate enterprise-wide long-term capacity planning scenarios aligned to your objectives
  • Generate site-specific factory operations plans to execute on your test floor
  • Access patented multi-objective capacity planning algorithms to determine your plans
  • Monitor your test operations to adjust your near-term and long-term plans
  • Efficiently collaborate with all planning and execution stakeholders


Securely procure and commit test capacity with your private nexus of test partners.

cnTRADE Service

  • Efficiently transact test capacity and equipment sales in your own secure, private marketplace
  • Securely post your test capacity surplus or needs to a selected set of target recipients
  • Post to your marketplace directly from your cnPLAN planning scenarios
  • View and match marketplace listing details using cnSPEC and cnMATCH capabilities
  • Receive pricing recommendations based on historical sales